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  • cavyyard

    A small enclosure that is used to keep horses that are considered to be the best of several other horses. Ready to be ridden by trained horsemen (cowboys).

    written: 06.12.2016 o godz. 15:58 by: Ed McCaskill

  • cellophane

    what is the composed word of cellophane, slithy, spanglish, emoticon and motel?

    written: 28.07.2016 o godz. 09:07 by: jm

  • American dewberry

    It has much larger fruits than European.

    written: 24.11.2015 o godz. 20:15 by: qwer

  • American dewberry

    How american dewberry is different from other berries?

    written: 24.11.2015 o godz. 20:15 by: loko

  • American dewberry

    What is dewberry?

    written: 24.11.2015 o godz. 20:13 by: John

  • junket

    Can any one in Bristol tell me where I can buy a small bottle of rennet to make a junket

    written: 29.07.2015 o godz. 16:37 by: Lyn

  • parmigiana

    It is an Italian dish made with a shallow or deep-fried sliced filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked. Yummy :-)

    written: 25.02.2015 o godz. 22:23 by: Justine

  • Danica

    So like acid....danica.. Thats coool.

    written: 31.12.2014 o godz. 12:33 by: danica nick name dani

  • differer

    In french, word différer means "to postpone" or "to put something off", but in english I think it rather mean someone or sth that differs from others.

    written: 23.03.2014 o godz. 20:52 by: Robin

  • lockjaw

    This term refers to unpleasant condition in which your mouth is held shut by spasm of jaw muscle. It's often caused by tetanus - an infectious disease of nervous system.

    written: 23.03.2014 o godz. 20:44 by: Brian

  • Cocklebiddy

    Where did this come from?

    written: 15.02.2014 o godz. 13:46 by: Bockety biddy

  • heme

    Heme is a chemical compound consisting of an iron ion contained in the centre of a large heterocyclic organic ring (porphyrin), made up of four pyrrolic groups joined together by methine bridges. Hemes are most commonly recognized as components of hemoglobin.

    written: 31.05.2013 o godz. 11:38 by: Michael